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doctrinal statement

As a church we are committed to the central truths of the Christian faith as they’ve been taught and understood throughout the centuries:

-We believe in an eternal, unchanging, living, personal, triune God, who is unspeakably powerful, wonderfully holy, full of loving compassion, and absolutely sovereign over everything there is.
-We believe that the the Bible is His unchanging and infallible Word. He is its ultimate author and in its pages he still speaks today.
-We believe that God created everything out of nothing, and that the whole universe, including every one of us, therefore belongs to him. Human beings are his special creation, each of us being made in God’s image and possessing an immortal soul that can never die.
-We believe that this perfect creation has been ruined by human sin and is now fundamentally and terminally damaged. Sin is the refusal to give God the honour that we owe him. We have all sinned and have to face the fact that our sin is an affront to God and that we are guilty in his sight and subject to his righteous anger.
-We also believe however, that because of his great love, God has put into action a rescue plan that will remove our guilt, restore us to a right relationship to him, and undo the damage our sin has done. At the heart of this plan is Jesus Christ. He is God’s own Son, equal with God in every way. 2000 years ago he came into this world, embracing a real, but sinless, human nature. He lived the only sinless life that has ever been lived and then offered himself up as a sacrifice, thus making atonement for all those who believe in him. Having been raised from the dead, he is now both Lord and Saviour.
-We believe that God is now offering forgiveness and a second chance to anyone who will turn to Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. He is longing for us to accept this invitation just as a father longs for a wayward child to return, but he is also commanding us to take it, making it clear that those who refuse his offer will receive in fill what their sin deserves.
-We believe that one day Jesus Christ will return to this world in all his glory. He will raise the dead and judge every person that has ever lived. Those who have trusted Christ for the forgiveness of their sins will enjoy an eternity of rest and happiness in a renewed universe with Christ, while those who have not will be condemned to Hell forever.

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